Imagine your company’s next exhibition using the Luban system. Combine illuminated walls of up to 4 metres height with conventional frames carrying shelves, monitors etc. Create attention and present your company and products to new customers using the cost saving and easy self-build Luban system.


Luban offers a high-degree of modularity and changes with the dimensions of your exhibition space and company marketing goals. Simply change your messaging or the communication language by replacing some of the textile graphics. Adjust the wall length and height by adding or deducting elements and choose from different storage and design options to make it your Luban booth for all exhibitions and events!


Just slide and click! No tools are needed to build your Luban booth. Because of our patented quick clamp mechanism you can build your own stand and reduce setup costs and time considerably.


Luban frames can be taken apart into their individual components, which then easily fit into trolley bags with wheels. Reduce forwarding costs by transporting your Luban booth in a car or transporter.


By reducing costs for initial purchase, transportation, setup and warehousing, Luban offers a great return on investment, while combining the advantages of professional systems with those of conventional displays.


With our Expomaster software we can render 3D-impressions of your exhibition booth and make adjustments to the final design to suit your specific requirements.

Contact your Luban dealer and receive 3D design suggestions made using our Expomaster software. See your stand before the exhibition and adjust details to achieve the best result.